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Pompey coin dating query

Gavin Richardson

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So recently I was pleased to acquire this posthumous coin of Pompey the Great from Soli-Pompeiopolis. The closest analog to it in Roman provincial coinage online is 4003a:


RPC online (second photo) seems to suggest that the coin was struck during the reign of Tiberius, but then later in the entry, it lists the year as 64/65 AD. That’s the reign of Nero, not Tiberius. What am I missing? Can someone explain this RPC online dating anomaly?



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according to RPC, "During the relevant period, only two issues were made, in years 96 (=AD 30/1) with the portrait of Pompey and 130(?) (+64/5) with the portrait of Nero." pg 590


there is an article on JSTOR that talks about these coins-- Festal and Dated Coins of the Roman Empire by A.A. Boyce

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Nice coin @Gavin Richardson - I too just got one of these - there was a recent post about these started by @Valentinian here: 

While trying to figure out mine, I looked at a lot of these online - acsearch was especially helpful in locating lots of examples.  The dating is all over the place, from Pompey's era to the late Flavians.  I never did really find a definitive source for what is going on (including RPC).  Yours with the all round reverse legend does seem to be a later type, from what I recall seeing.  Here is mine, with notes from the post noted above: 

Attributing this was difficult, and I never got all the way with it - the reverse legends are pretty much missing except a prominent ΔI in right field.  The date range for these are all over the place, from Pompey to Domitian.  Your information on the dates for these is interesting - the stuff I was finding online was vague and sometimes contradictory (there are quite a few on acsearch, etc.)


Pompey the Great (era)    Æ 18 Soloi-Pompeiopolis (c. 50 B.C.-50 A.D.) Bare head of Pompey the Great right / [ΠOMΠHIOΠOΛITΩ?], Nike advancing right, holding wreath; ΔI [ΛΑ ?] in right field. SNG France 1213-1217; SNG Levante 880-882 var. (5.50 grams / 18 mm) eBay June 2022 Lot @ $0.99

Attribution:  Many varieties of this type; most online sources are vague about attribution.  Reverse legends missing, except ΔI in right field.  Other with ΔI have ΛΑ below.  See: Numismatik Naumann Auct. 42; Lot 576; 03.04.2016 / Roma E-Sale 31; Lot 212; Nov. 2016 (asiaminorcoins.com) / Artemide Aste 45E; Lot 242; Dec. 15-16, 2018. 




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