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Numismatic convention show medals


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In times gone by shows that were hosted by numismatic clubs or societies produced a medal to commemorate each show.  The medals often had themes relevant to the locality, such as important landmarks, or history, such as the one presented here.

I was lucky to purchase this silver medal in Mexico City, during the annual convention.  They often sold out quickly; this acquisition is the only example I have.  It is, as far as I can tell, produced privately.  Prior medals for the convention were produced by the Mexico City Mint, the oldest mint in North America.  I was also privileged to visit the mint itself, located in the old central district of the city, to witness the processing of coins from blanks to finished coins.  

Mexico, Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico, convention medal, silver, 1992.

45mm 44.67 grams

Stamped "Plata 999" on the edge.


The die work is elegant, with an interesting twist to the pillars of Hercules theme of the old colonial coins, replacing one classical column, to the right, with an Aztec column.  The Aztec Calendar Stone is replicated very nicely on the other side.

I have a few other medals that I need to photograph, primarily from the San Jose Coin Club's shows, all in bronze with one silver exception. The bronze medals were available for free to anyone attending the shows.

Does anyone else have show medals that they would like to share?  Does the NYC International Show issue a annual medal?


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This is a very recent eBay find which I purchased for the post-apocalyptic silver bartering pile.  This is where I throw the odd coin or medal purchased for a price approximately equal to the scrap value, as a method of slowly accumulating some tradable bullion for the post-fiat economy.  Sold as an “unknown medal, 1960” for $27 plus shipping.  It weighs 30.1 grams of .925 silver.  As it happens, it is a beautiful medal in perfect condition commemorating the Swiss Numismatic Society’s meeting in Basel in 1960, and I don’t think I will be trading it away in a hurry.  


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