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A coin from India(?) No idea on this one


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Edit: Rotated the photo. The script appears to be Arabic.

Recently, I received this coin as a gift along with several other "mystery" coins. The others I strongly believe are Greek, so I'm still performing some due diligence there and am still having some fun before I resort to help.

However, this one appears to be Indian in origin and I'm completely unfamiliar with that coinage. I wouldn't even know the right place to look it up, which script is present, or whether I even photographed it right side up.


It weighs 0,90g and I don't own calipers, but I'm guessing it's 9mm.

Would anyone have an idea of the attribution?

Depending on the attribution, if it's of interest for someone's collection I'm happy to re-gift it.

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1 hour ago, robinjojo said:

That's tough one, but I agree that it is very probably from India, possibly Mongol?  I'll do some research online.

Perhaps this link might help:


You could try Steve Album.  He's a leading authority on this type of coinage.

Thanks! Would you know if there's some guide to the different scripts out there? My experience ends at Latin, Greek, and Aramaic. I've dabbled a few times in Carian and Lydian, but this looks like none of those.

If I can figure out the script, then I might be able to make some sense of it.

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Indian coins can have more than one script, at least based on my experience with 19th century coins, which can have a combination of Arabic and English characters and numerals.  Your coin could have this combination, but I am by no means an authority.   I must say that it looks familiar to me, but I cannot place it.  I might have seen one of this type as part of group lot in an auction.

Steve Album and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable in the areas of Islamic and eastern coinage.  You might try emailing a photo to them..  

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4 hours ago, John Conduitt said:

It looks like Arabic to me, with the second image the other way up. Not that that helps.

Thanks! I've rotated the obverse in the photo. I'm not super great at Arabic, and some of the letters don't seem to match well, but it seems to read:

On the obverse: A-T with an H above

On the reverse: L-A-H(?)-A-L(?)-A-N(?)-Ayn

The primary knock against Arabic is the letters clearly aren't joined. From some basic research, it appears that Arabic was always joined, but again I'm way out of my comfort area here.

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