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Titus Caesar Pax With Column As 74AD

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Admittedly, not the most exciting reverse, but a rare variety nonetheless. Perhaps the emerald green patina and stylish portrait redeems it for non-specialists.



Titus as Caesar [Vespasian]
Æ As, 9.63g
Rome mint, 74 AD
Obv: T CAESAR IMP COS III CENS; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: PAX AVGVST; S C in field; Pax stg. l., leaning on column, with caduceus and branch
RIC 747 (R). BMC 708. BNC -.
Acquired from Roman Coin Shop, March 2024.

Pax in her various guises was a major theme for Vespasian's coinage throughout much of the reign. The Pax leaning on a column type is likely based on a cult image, while the legend 'PAX AVGVST' advertises the emperor as peacemaker. This is a rare variety of the type struck in 74 for Titus Caesar. Missing from the Paris collection. Obverse die match with the BM specimen cited in RIC.

In hand.


Thank you for looking!

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