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Wayne C. Phillips Mail Bid Sale


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This was lot 506 in Wayne Phillips' Mail Bid Sale 47, February 2002:menander-bronze-both.jpg.2ad9a6c986199acc1ff53f96c0815ac4.jpg

This is an Indo-Greek Menander I (165-135 BC), square AE, 3.8g.

Catalogers always describe the obverse as Athena, but I suspect it is Menander's portrait.

Obv: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ / ΜΕΝΑΝΔΡΟΥ; Helmeted and draped bust of Athena (or Menander?) right
Rev: 𐨨𐨂𐨱𐨪𐨗𐨯 𐨟𐨟𐨪𐨯 𐨨𐨅𐨣𐨪𐨯 (Kharosthi inscription Mauharajasa tratarasa Menamdrasa; “The Savior King Menander”)

There should be a gorgoneion on the shield, but it has worn off.  It turns out this is a very rare denomination, with one one example in BIGR.  The usual square shield Menander coins weigh twice as much.

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