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Tiny coin

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Hello @Amanda. It looks like a medieval European silver coin, whose edges have been clipped. Often, in medieval times, people would clip the edges of silver coins, and they would keep the clippings, and melt the clippings, and sell the clippings for their silver content. This was usually considered a crime, and sometimes punished brutally, but some people did it anyway, because there were a lot of poor people in medieval times.

It may be an English silver penny, perhaps for Edward I The Longshanks. Or it could be another European country. Someone at Nvmis Forvms will probably know, what it is.

It looks like the obverse side, the side with the head on it, is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise in your photo.

The value is probably not very high, probably close to zero, because the condition and appearance are well below average, because the face is almost worn away completely.

Unless it's a rarity, but I don't know enough about the coin type, to know if it's a rarity.

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