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Are there 2 coins or just one? Either I am missing something very obvious or this combination of obverse/reverse does not exist. Have you intented to upload 4 pictures and only 2 were added?

An advice: please make an effort to take good quality pictures. These are out of focus. 

Also crop them or else people would just skip. 


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Agreed. These are the front and back of two different coins. 

And to your question, no. Do not damage ancient artifacts by attempting to clean them yourself. If you're not satisfied, buy coins in a condition that you like. You will do more harm than good in any attempt to clean ancients. 

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The first coin appears to be a reverse portraying Apollo holding an arrow and grounded bow.

Perhaps(?), Demetrios II Nikator - Seleukid Kings of Syria, Damaskos - 2nd reign 129-125 BC, or Antiochos VIII Epiphanes(?)

A picture of the obverse side may help.




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