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Gambling on Junk - SB 218


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Had my eye on this for a a few weeks…

is that a super good looking Justinian - Antioch hiding under an oddly even layer of mud?… maybe?!

This coin’s weight thought has me very worried, 15.84g… not even close to what an SB 218 weighs (between 20.5-23g for all examples I’ve come across).

I asked the AH and they said the 15.8g was correct..  which is even more puzzling as they also confirmed the 40mm size. (Which is correct)

won it for 25 euro with BP, and 5 euro super discount shipping, I guess I’m making the gamble.

more than likely a fake and it’s just too much hassle to prove so I’ll be out some nickels… maybe I have an interesting fake on my hands, time will tell


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@Simon agreed, until it’s here not much more could be said. Although I do wonder if someone has knowledge of a known fake which could put this to bed now.

I have a bit of a cleaners eye and the roundness of the facial features, and legend has some hopes there is something more under a layer of dirt that I’m perceiving. This is a hope though and not a guarantee. Could just be an odd picture of a stripped coin. 

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5 hours ago, Finn235 said:

I'm wondering if it's a combo of acid/electrolysis cleaning + repatination?

Yes this definitely could be the case. Seems purposefully done being so uniform. Some details being strong and others very weak…

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