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Canaanite Antiquities

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Hey everyone,

Happy almost Mid-July! 😳

So, artifacts are fun.  We have seen some really great pieces here.

I don’t venture too much into them (too many coins to collect lol), but, my brother dabbles in them from time to time.

He wants to save up for some kind of Canaanite antiquity.  He’s not picky about what it is.

We’ve looked at a couple of things from ‘Z’ on vcoins.  But, he’s not 100% certain on them.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


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You don't mention how much he wants to spend. If he just wants to dip a toe in for now, then starting with a modest oil lamp might be a good start. (Too bad you didn't post a couple weeks ago, when I shipped off an Iron Age pinched-type lamp and small Herodian era lamp for auction - both from that region; would have been happy to do a direct sale.)


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Here are some links to a few reputable antiquities dealers who aren't known for being exorbitantly expensive, and deal in artifacts from that region (often categorized as any of Near Eastern, West Asian, Biblical, Holy Land, etc.):





Although these dealers are all knowledgeable and reputable, it's always a good idea to familiarize oneself in advance with Bron Lipkin's "real or fake" pages; the menu is to the left at http://www.collector-antiquities.com/real-or-fake/1.html .

I wish your brother good luck, and strongly advise him to avoid ebay!



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Thanks so much, @Kamnaskires and @DonnaML!

My brother and I learned fairly early on through others’ experiences to stay away from eBay.  

My brother wants to keep the price modest - $250-$300.  It probably won’t get him much, but, he’s not really looking for much, just a small artifact from the Canaanites.  

We’ve seen arrows and scarabs labelled as Canaanite.  He just wants to make sure that what he’s getting isn’t mislabeled as being Canaanite when it’s really not.

 I’ve heard really good things about the dealers Donna has mentioned.  I have an easy afternoon at work, so, I’ll be browsing. Lol

@Kamnaskires feel free to message me anytime!  My brother is inactive on social media, so, I’m basically his secretary.  Lol. But, we’re always back and forth about our coins and artifacts.

Thanks again!


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Erin, since you mention "Z" - and your brother's "modest" price range - just wanted to mention that the bronze, hammered, elongated leaf-shaped arrowheads Z has listed as Canaanite are likely attributed correctly - and are very affordable. Sadly, he does often (it seems) apply the yellow make-up not just to coinage but to his bronze artifacts (including arrowheads) - but that should be easily removed. I am providing a detail of a chart of arrowheads from I. N. Medvedskaya's Iran: Iron Age I, below. Although most of the book deals with Iran proper, it covers some of the Western Asian environs including ancient Palestine/Canaan. BC dates to left. These are all second millennium BC. My assumption is that your brother will not be looking for anything from the later regional periods (Neo-Assyrian, Persian, and Hellenistic), but rather earlier - second millennium - material. In other words, Canaanite.



Admitting shameless self-promotion, here's one of mine, with important provenance (to a recognized/respected weapons collection), from the region and period in question. The weapons I collect are mostly from ancient Iran, but this Canaanite dagger blade "slipped in". (See what I did there?)




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