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Walking on an unknown path - Indo-Greek


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Today I attended a numismatic show (well, the term is too optimistic - actually, a monthly gathering of sellers of various objects, but not all related to numismatics). Usually I just go to say hello to a a seller I know and I like to discuss with, but today I found something - a little surprising. I suspected it's ancient, I had a rough idea about what it is but it wasn't my area. Since the price was OK, I decided to have a go. Especially since the prize won from @Nerosmyfavorite68's contest demanded a new coin. 

After some struggles in attributing it, I think I managed to do it. 


23 mm, 9,75 g.
Indo-Greek Kingdoms. Bactria. Apollodotus I 174-165 BC. Ӕ square hemiobol.
ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΠΟΛΛΟΔΟΤΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ, Apollo radiate, standing facing, holding arrow in right hand and bow in left arm / [Transliteration: mahārājasa apaladatasa tratarasa – “of the great king Apollodotus the savior”] - Tripod; dotted border. Monogram: Bopearachchi Monogram 51 symbol, consists of Ε and Α - image.png.7b3e08f57fd7b02470f3b5d5cda06164.png
Original reverse legend (in Kharoṣṭhī): image.png.aa91e6cb1587aac9ec0c83c8881bd5c2.png
Bactrian and Indo-Greek Coinage Apollodotus I 6.4; Bopearachchi 6.D.

I did not have too much info about this history chapter. 

Apollodotus I (some sources - 180-160 BC, others - 175-164 BC) was an Indo-Greek king who ruled the southern and western parts of the kingdom. He was the first king who ruled in India only - therefore the first "proper" Indo-Greek king. 

His coinage is abundant and a representative part are the square bilingual coins - many more interesting than mine, depicting animals. 

Please post anything you feel relevant. 

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Nice new Baktrian and good work identifying it!

It's a slippery slope, as they are fun and have cool iconography. Here are some of mine starting with the same type as your new coin:


Apollodotus I

Indo-Greeks, (160-150 BC), Copper Square Hemi-Obol, Obv: apollo standing, holding bow and arrow, greek around legend 'BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΠOΛΛOΔOTOY ΣΩTHPOΣ', Rev: tripod within dotted border, khroshthi legend 'maharajasa apaladatasa tratarasa', 10.05g, 22.33x22.63mm, (Mitch. Vol.2 # type 209), about very fine+.


Eukratides (171-145 BC), Bronze Unit, BN series 19, 8.99g. Obv: Helmeted bust of king, Greek legend BASILEOS MEGALOU EUKRATIDOU. Rev: Dioskuroides on horseback; Kharoshthi legend above and below Maharajasa Ewukratidasa.

Ex: Timeline Auc



BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Circa 130-125 BC. Æ (20x20mm, 8.82 g, 12h). Indian standard. Head of Herakles right, lion’s skin tied around neck, club over shoulder / Elephant advancing right; monograms in exergue. Bopearachchi 8A; SNG ANS 1040-7. VF, dark green patina


Menander I

BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. circa 165/55-130 BC. Drachm (Silver, 16 mm, 2.49 g, 12 h), Indian standard, uncertain mint in Paropamisadai or Gandhara. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ - MENANΔPOY Draped bust of Menander I to right, wearing crested helmet adorned with pelt and wing. Rev. 'Maharajasa tratarasa Menamdrasa' (in Kharoshti) Athena advancing left, holding shield on left arm and brandishing thunderbolt with her right; to right, monogram. Bopearachchi 16l. HGC 12, 193. Light doubling on the obverse and with a minor flan crack, otherwise, very fine.

Purchased from Leu Feb 2022


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1 hour ago, Ryro said:



Menander I Soter

Beautiful BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom.. Circa 155-130 BC. Æ Unit (15mm, 3.1 g, 12h). Head of elephant facing slightly right, wearing bell around neck / Club of Herakles upward; monogram to right. Bopearachchi 28D; SNG ANS 920-2


This is a coin of Lysias, not Menander. The legend reads ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΙΚΗΤΟΥ ΛΥΣΙΟΥ on the obverse

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1 hour ago, Cordoba said:

This is a coin of Lysias, not Menander. The legend reads ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΙΚΗΤΟΥ ΛΥΣΙΟΥ on the obverse

Oops! Good call and thanks for saying something. I was hurrying to get the IDs added. That's what I get for posting when I should be working. Post is updated with correct identification. 

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