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A few of my Alexander tetradrachms in Classical Numismatics' latest video


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Classical Numismatics was kind enough to make a video on Alexander tetradrachms based on a few videos I had taken for my 2023 Top 10 list. I love being able to share part of my collection this way and it's great how Classical Numismatics is so often building his video essays around coins that everyday collectors like us have rather than just those in museums or feature auctions.

He also managed to tie-in a few of my other coins that are tangentially related, like the Alexander-type tetradrachms in the name of Philip III and Seleukos I, as well as a Philip II tetradrachm. There's one correction to make for the coin at 7:00, this one is actually from Kalchedon and is a posthumous type.


The coin featured at 12:00 was one of my favourite pick-ups of 2023, not only because it's a lovely example of a tetradrachm from Amphipolis but also because it's ex. Edward Newell, one of the most important numismatists of the 20th century. Though up until last week, I could only go on the auction house's word that it was ex. Newell, who were in turn relying on a Spinks auction from 1982. The best theory was that the coin was sold in the Parke-Bernet auction of 1968 which auctioned off some of Newell's estate that didn't go to the ANS, after which it was sold at Spinks and then at Noonans last year. But a few days ago I spotted it in the one plate from Thomas Elder's "Remarkable Collection of Greek Tetradrachms" that is available online, where it is coin #4 from Plate I.


Thomas Elder had acquired something like 1,000 tetradrachms from the Demanhur hoard shortly after it was discovered and brought them back to the US. He then published 6 plates cataloguing 300 of these coins circa 1910 and Edward Newell then bought many of these coins from Elder, as he says so himself in Demanhur:


So not only is this coin all but confirmed to be ex. Newell, it can also be said to be from the Demanhur hoard (which was suspected anyway), ex. Elder's collection, and also plated in Elder's work.

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30 minutes ago, Kaleun96 said:

A friend knew someone with a copy of the Elder plates and was able to get some better photos for me, including of the reverse this time, to confirm the match beyond all doubt:


Yepp seems to mach to a t congratz!

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