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Magnus Maximus, or 'Great Greatest'

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Magnus Maximus ruled from 383-388 in the Western Empire. Initially, as commander of Britain he led a revolt against Gratian. Through negotiation with Theodosius I and the intercession of the bishop Ambrose he assumed control of Britain, Gaul, Hispania, and Africa as an emperor in the West.

In 387 he invaded Italy but in 388 he was defeated by Theodosius at the Battle of the Save and was eventually executed. Meanwhile, Arbogast, one of Theodosius' generals executed Maximus' son Flavius Victor by strangulation.

Maximus' capital was Trier, from which he presided over the west for a few years. He has a fairly interesting coinage, with coins struck in all three metals. This example is an AE2 of Arles.

Magnus Maximus, 383 - 388 A.D.

AE 2, 24mm 5.7 grams

Diademed head right, draped and cuirassed

Maximus standing left, crowned by Victory, raising kneeled, turreted figure of a woman

Mintmark: TCON (Arles)

Reference: RIC IX, 26A, Sear 20650

Feel free to post any Maxmus coins you have!




Feel free to post your coins of "Great Greatest"

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Probably one of my favorite coins in my collection: a siliqua of Magnus Maximus minted at his capital at Trier. I particularly love the blue tone this coin has aquired in the last few years.



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