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Trolls & Moderator Application


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First: Trolls, please don’t feed them 🙂 If a thread crops up that violates the spirit of our forum rules, like saying a dealer engages in fraud with no proof, please report the thread to me. That is the quickest way for me to be alerted to a problem on the site. 

I wanted to also offer up an apology to the members here for my delay in getting to that thread. Work picked up unexpectedly the last 36 hours and admittedly I fell behind on forum duties.

In that spirit- I believe now the forum has become too large to be managed by just myself on a day-to-day basis, especially when I’m out of the country for work. This is of course a fantastic problem to have, and I hope the forum continues to grow and thrive as it has since its founding. 

As such, I’d like to officially announce I am looking for 1-2 moderators to help manage the forum. Duties will be pretty straight forward: looking for threads or comments that violate the forum rules, and dealing with them appropriately. If you would like to be a forum moderator, please message me privately to throw your hat in the ring. I believe in being as open around this process as possible, and will likely look for input from everyone here as to who the moderators should be. I want everyone to feel comfortable that the people appointed to this role will preserve the spirit of Numis Forums as they fulfill their duties as moderators. I’ll close the application process midnight EST on Mar 29. 



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Fantastic suggestion, @Restitutor.

I already have some people in mind who I believe would make excellent moderators. However, I'm uncertain whether they would proactively apply for the role.

For example, what about @DonnaML and @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix
(Please excuse me if you‘re completely against it - I just think that you would be great for this job.)

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