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Inexpensive State-Quarter Case That Also Works Well With Denarii and Antoniniani


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I found these cases on a Walmart website...

...under the hobbies category and thought I’d try it out (virtually first and not actually as of yet.) I created this scale illustration selecting 50 of my Imperial Roman silver denarii, antoniniani, drachmae, and siliqua.

I’m considering purchasing three of these, one for my “Top Fifty Roman Ruler Denarii Collection”, and two for my “Top One Hundred Judaean Coin Collection”; not for permanent storage but for temporary ease of transport and display. I’m planning on visiting my great nieces and nephews next month up North.


The five outside of the case  and grayed out below are those that I will carry separately in archival flips.



These are available from sources other than Walmart.


Here are the reverses for variety but it is unlikely that I would display them like this. This photo shows

how the cover holding the glass partially covers the capsules when it is closed.

I’m okay with this so long the coins are not obscured.


How do you package your coins when you want to visit and show them to family and friends.


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If I want to take some coins somewhere to show people I usually just put them in flips. Occasionally I'll staple them into cardboard holders. Most times it's just a few coins so it works fine.

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