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Die links - mint-mates reunited after their travels


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I just received the top orange colored coin today, bought because of the obverse die link to my Marti. I only realized a couple of days ago, after having already bought it, that it's also a reverse die link to another coin in my collection. These coins are all from the initial "IMP C" phase of the Rome mint under Constantine.

I'm a sucker for die links, especially within my own collection. It's amazing and satisfying to think that these three coins were likely made within hours or days of each other in the rome mint, then each went their own way travelling in the empire, each got lost under different circumstances, likely in different countries, then all get found again, and eventually get reunited in my hand in 2024.

I dunno, it just makes me unreasonably happy!


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That's indeed amazing !

I have those two, from the Trajan Decius Divi series, sharing an obverse die for Severus Alexander, but with the two different reverses in existence




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