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Auktion Leu 69, 1997, Lot Nr. 4388


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Dear Collegues!

Again, I am looking for help to confirm an old provenance. In this case I need a photo from Auktion Leu 69, 1997, Lot Nr. 4388 (volume IV of Virgill Brandt collection of German coins) unfortunately absent in rnumis database.

The problem originated from mistake in SINCONA 43 auction catalogue where lots Nos. 3197 and 3198 are the same type coins both originated from Brand's collection but references mistakenly changed vise versa.

Due to rnumis database I prooved provenance for lot 3197 from volume III of Brand's collection.

And finally now I need a proof for my own lot 3198 from volume IV, and here I have a problem and looking for help...



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31 minutes ago, rNumis said:

That auction is online at gallica. I just didn't add the link yet. Let me give it to you...

Dear @rNumis, thank you very much! Now provenance confirmed, my coin really originates from Brand's collection and for today it is most fabulous and old provenance in my collection. Thank you very much again!




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22 hours ago, panzerman said:

I have one from Stacks event 2012 NGC MS-63


Superb example! Congratulations!

On my taste this type coins are one of the bests among the types with a city view and "must have" for your collection. And ofcourse you own it! 👍

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