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A Very Late Thank you to Ryro and Curtisimo


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I have not been on this forum hardly any in the last year but when it came time for the Saturnalia gifting I did not want to miss it. The Saturnalia gift exchange has been my most favorite part of the year for the last few years making me feel like a kid on Christmas day opening presents. And what did I do I missed it, I then posted a message how disappointed I was. So to my rescue @Ryro and @Curtisimo contacted me and offered to do a late Saturnalia gift exchange with me, to say I was excited is an understatement for sure. So we did our exchanges and the gifts given to me were awesome as always. I have been through an awful lot of personal issues over the past couple of months and never got around to thanking Ryro and Curtisimo. So I would like to do a shoutout to them and thank them so much for making yet again the best part of the year for me. Listed below are the gifts that were given to me. Two of the Ryro coins have one of his favorite collecting themes with shields on them. And both of the coins from Curtisimo have Emperor's that were know as the Thracian in different time frames.



Koinon of Macedon. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Tetrassarion (Bronze, 25 mm, 9.38 g, 6 h), time of Severus Alexander, 222-235. ΑΛЄΞΑΝΔΡ૪ Head of Alexander III 'the Great' to right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with a griffin on the bowl. KOINON MA-KEDONWN NE-W, Emperor or Alexander standing front in military dress, looking right, possibly Alexander claiming Persia as spear won with spear in ground and parazonium. VF. Rare. No examples in Acsearch nor Wildwinds. Purchased from Savoca September 2021. Ex Ryro collection.





Philip III Arrhidaios.

323-317 BC. Æ Half Unit. Sardes mint. Struck under Menander or Kleitos (the white), circa 322-319/8 BC. Macedonian shield, kerykeion on boss / Macedonian helmet; B A across upper field, rose to lower right, kerykeion to lower left, TI below. Price 2614; Klein 130 VF. Ex Ryro collection.







Hispania, Uncertain mint.. 27 B.C.-A.D. 14 Æ as (24 mm, 7.25 g). 'Moneta castrensis'. Mint in northewestern Spain, Probably struck before 23 B.C. [IMP] AVG DIVI F, bare head left; palm branch before, winged caduceus behind / Round shield with four linear outer panels and round central boss. ACIP 3301; RPC 3. Fine, earthen-green patina.

Ex: Silicua Subastas

The 'Moneta castrensis' coinage, lacking any sort of ethnic or magistrate, is impossible to place with certainty. Most examples are found in northwestern Spain, and stylistically show some affinity to the Spanish issues of Carisius. The obverse legend places the coinage after 27 B.C., and the fact that the coins lack any indication of the tribunican power suggest a terminus post quem of 23 B.C. It is most likely that the 'moneta castrensis' coinage was struck to finance Rome's efforts during the Cantabrian Wars, which brought an end to Spanish self-determination and finalized the province's subjugation. Ex Ryro collection.




Justin II (The Thracian) AD 565-578. 
AE Follis, struck AD 574/575. Mint of Nicomedia. 13.74 grams. 
OBV:\ D N IVSTINVS P P AVG, Emperor Justin II, holding globus cruciger in his right hand, and Sophia, holding cruciform scepter in her right hand, seated facing on double throne, both figures crowned and both holding orb surmounted by long cross. 
REV:\ Uncial letter M, to left downwards A/N/N/O to right regnal year XI ( year 11 ), between limbs officina letter A, above cross and in exergue mint signature NIKO. Sear 369. Ex Curtisimo collection.





Maximinus Thrax  
AD 235 to 238. Born of Thracian origin giving the nickname "Thrax" ("the Thracian")
Denarius (late portrait), 3.39 grams
laureate, draped & cuirassed 
bust right, seen from behind 
Pax standing left with branch 
& sceptre. RIC 12, RSC 31a, BMC 68 Ex Curtisimo collection.

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