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Domitian Divinely Protected

David Atherton

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I initially was attracted to my latest coin by the stellar portrait. The style is very idealised, one could almost say 'Flavian Baroque'. The reverse is of some interest too, a Jupiter type one doesn't see very often on Domitian's coinage.




Æ As, 11.64g
Rome mint, 85 AD
Obv: IMP CAES DOMITIAN AVG GERM COS XI; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r., with aegis
Rev: IOVI CONSERVAT; S C in field; Jupiter stg. l., with thunderbolt and sceptre
RIC 302 (C). BMC 315A. BNC 336.
Ex Originalskincoins, eBay, January 2024.

Domitian's bronze mint after a brief hiatus in 83 returned the following year with a slate of new reverse designs. This relatively scarce type showing a standing Jupiter appears for the first time on the asses in 84. It would later be discontinued after 86. With the legend IOVI CONSERVAT, it symbolises the god as Domitian's divine protector. Although rated as 'common' in RIC, this variety of the type struck in 85 is not often encountered in trade. The portrait is a fine example of the Rome mint's superb mid-period Domitianic style.


In hand


As always, thank you for looking!

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