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Lupercalia- a whipping party


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From Wikipedia


Observed by    Roman Kingdom,
Roman Republic,
Roman Empire
Type    Classical Roman religion
Celebrations    feasting
Observances    sacrifices of goats and a dog by the Luperci; offering of cakes by the Vestals; fertility rite in which the goatskin-clad Luperci strike women who wish to conceive
Date    February 13 to February 15

Lupercalia also known as Lupercal was a pastoral festival of Ancient Rome observed annually from February 13 through 15 to purify the city, promoting health and fertility.[1] Lupercalia was also known as dies Februatus, after the purification instruments called februa, the basis for the month named Februarius.

The festival was originally known as Februa ("Purifications" or "Purgings") after the februum which was used on the day.[2] It was also known as Februatus and gave its name variously, as epithet to Juno Februalis, Februlis, or Februata in her role as patron deity of that month; to a supposed purification deity called Februus;[a] and to February (mensis Februarius), the month during which the festival occurred.[2] Ovid connects februare to an Etruscan word for "purging".[4]

The name Lupercalia was believed in antiquity to evince some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lykaia, a wolf festival (Greek: λύκος, lýkos; Latin: lupus), and the worship of Lycaean Pan, assumed to be a Greek equivalent to Faunus, as instituted by Evander.[5] Justin describes a cult image of "the Lycaean god, whom the Greeks call Pan and the Romans Lupercus", as nude, save for a goatskin girdle.[6]

The statue stood in the Lupercal, the cave where tradition held that Romulus and Remus were suckled by the she-wolf (Lupa). The cave lay at the foot of the Palatine Hill, on which Romulus was thought to have founded Rome.[7] The name of the festival most likely derives from lupus, "wolf", though both the etymology and its significance are obscure. The wolf appellation may have to do with the fact that an animal predator plays a key role in male rites of passage.[8] Despite Justin's assertion, no deity named "Lupercus" has been identified.

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Here is she wolf feeding the twins


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