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Claudius provincial with wonderful depiction of Zeus


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So often the facial details of the reverse are just a blob. I received this coin today. You can clearly see the facial attributes of Zeus, alongside an aquamarine patina. Post your examples of Claudius or anything relevant.

Volume: I №: 3062
Reign: Claudius Persons: Claudius (Augustus) Magistrate: Artemas, son of Demetrios (stephanephoros)
City: Cadi  Region: Phrygia Province: Asia (conventus of Sardis)
Denomination: Brass AE 20
Obverse: ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ; laureate head of Claudius, right
Reverse: ΕΠΙ ΑΡΤΕΜΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΚΑΔΟΗΝΩΝ, ϹΤΕΦΑΝ; Zeus standing, left, with eagle and sceptre. ΡTΛΩ monogram in left field.
Specimens: 33
RPC I 3062; SNG Copenhagen 246-7; SNG von Aulock 3685; BMC 18-19.
Weight: 5.35 g.
Diameter: 19 mm.


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Indeed good artistic style for the reverse (and I also like the portrait). Here is a very similar design from another city in Phrygia. The reverse artistry was the first thing I liked about the coin. 


20 mm, 5,11 g.
Phrygia, Aizanis. Claudius 41-54. Ӕ.
ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡΑ ΑΙΖΑΝΙΤΑΙ, laureate head of Claudius, r. / ƐΠΙ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ ΜΗΤΡΟΓƐΝΟΥϹ, Zeus standing left with eagle and sceptre.
RPC I, 3089.

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Nice coin. I just sold this one:


Time of Claudius
AE (18.70mm, 4.81g, 12h)
Struck AD 50-54
Obverse: ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ, laureate head of Claudius right
Reverse: ΑΙΖΑΝΙΤΩΝ, Zeus standing left, holding eagle in outstretched right hand and staff in left
References: RPC 3100.
Dark patina highlighted by faint earthen deposits. A good portrait.

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Selection of coins of Claudius...

1. aureus with praetorian camp...



2. denarius with his niece/wife Agrippina...



3. sestertius with Spes reverse...


4. sestertius with OB CIVES SERVATOS...


5. dupondius / Ceres reverse...


6. As with Minerva brandishing javelin...


7. As / Constantiae...


8. As / Libertas...


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