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Which Anonymous A2 varieties are the most common and least common?


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I mainly try and collect the large module ones, but I'm finding the sub-varieties to be interesting.

Which of the DOC sub-varieties are the most common?  Which are the rare ones? Can one deduce rarity from the number of respective DOC entries for each variety?


I had picked that out for a numismatic prize, but it sold.  It's pretty nice for a budget example, but isn't that one of the more common varieties?  I think it's DOCA2.25.

Are there any theories about which varieties are from provincial mints?

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Sommer lists 12 varieties of the Anonymous Class A2 type (40.2.1 - 40.2.12), but doesn't appear to show any variations in rarity. All of the varieties appear to have DOC numbers as well, but I don't know how many DOC lists offhand. Are there more?

That makes me wonder how one would go about assessing rarity for such types. Sommer lists a price for A2 "in general," but not for any of the varieties. In the A2 verbiage in Sear, he references a work by Metcalf that claims that some of this type were produced by "several provincial mints." Since we have no minting numbers, and presumably many, or most, examples didn't survive the ages, rarity would have to get determined by the number of "survivors," which past auction postings could maybe help deduce? If anyone has attempted this, I'd be curious to see the findings. Not having studied DOC enough (yet), I'm not sure how to interpret the listings there.

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