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Henri III King of France/ Poland/ Livonia


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Even though I am flat broke/ I could not resist this on MA-shops/ Maison Palambo

Please add your coins from Henri III 1574-89

Henri III was recalled to France from Poland to be crowned King in 1574 when his older brother Charles IX died. This was a time of religious conflict in France.

AV Ecu d'or au soleil 1584-I (Limoges Mint)

Crowned Arms of France/ Sun


Floriated Cross/ Quadrilobe

3.31g.    24.5mm.    .958    7h

RRR 2 known

1/ Henri III 1574-89

2/ Charles IX 1560-74  (you can really tell they are related!

The hammer guy did good job/ legends fully struck/ MS










163_1584 (1).jpg

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One of my favorite characters in the entire world history. But just because I loved the fiction literature about him, I don't think he was a very competent ruler ... 


26,4 mm, 6,48 g.
France. Henri III 1574-1589. AR demi franc au col plat. Bayonne. 1580.
HENRICVS. III. D. G. FRANCOR. ET. P. REX. L (mintmark), laureate and cuirased bust right / + SIT. NOMEN. DOMINI. BENEDICTVM, cross fleurée around H.
Duplessy 1131; C. 1430-1431; L. 971; Sb. 4716.

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18 hours ago, panzerman said:

Even though I am flat broke/ I could not resist this on MA-shops/ Maison Palambo

I love when you're "flat broke" @panzerman and can still afford such beauties !

Here's a demi franc I could buy while I was rich enough to afford it 😄 


Henri III (1574-1589) - Demi franc 1587 - Atelier de Riom (O sous le buste)
+ HENRICVS . III . D . G . FRAN . ET . POL . REX (monde = Maître CHAMBIGE), buste au col plat a droite
+ SIT . NOMEN . DOMINI . BENEDICTVM . 1587 (rose = Graveur FAURE) croix feuillue avec H horizontale au centre
6.64 gr - 148.039 exemplaires
Ref : Dy # 1131, C # 1430, L # 971, Sb # 4716


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That is a really nice portrait example Q! I don't have any coins from Riom Mint.


Gotta admit though/ definately could not afford a Henri II/ Francois II or Henri IV AV Ecu d'or au soleil! These are bloody $$$$. I cannot understand why AV coins from Henri IV Navarre 1589-1610 are so pricey? I would have guessed that Charles X 1590/91 would be rarer.😗 Interesting time in France 1547-89/

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