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Anonymous Follis A2; is this DOC A2.29?


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Anonymous Folles. temp. Basil II & Constantine VIII, circa 976-1025. Æ Follis (28.92g). Constantinople mint. Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator / + IҺSЧS / XRISTЧS / ЬASILЄЧ / ЬASILЄ in four lines; ornament above and below. SB 1813


This coin somewhat intrigued me, and I added it in to an order, in hopes that it might be a large module one (the large weight stated).  The dealer goofed and didn't add size, although I somewhat suspect that the weight might be the size,i.e. 28.92mm.

The earthen fill makes it hard to make out details.  I'm relatively sure I spotted one bar of a central X on the book, and I interpreted the reverse as an "a'.

For those who don't have DOC, the Forum table's numbers are the same.

https://www.forumancientcoins.com/numiswiki/view.asp?key=Anonymous Byzantine Class A Folles

Question about DOC.  Most A2 entries have an "A" of differing styles, posted in the descripiton.  Is that referring to the style of A on the reverse description?

Edit: DOC doesn't list a weight for A2.29, and says only listed by Bellinger. 42 orange was my second guess.


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7 hours ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Any ideas?  I emailed Savoca, asking for a confirmation of weight and size.  Does A2.29 even exist?

The rear bottom decoration rather looks like a squished A.

It is most probably a 47, which is one of the common A2s. 

As for the "28g" - no way. If you get any byzantine, let alone A2s, at 28g, let me know; I would like to see it. My A2.47 is 30 mm and 14g and quite similar in style to the OP.


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