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France (Compagnie La Prévoyance): 1869 silver jeton (insurance token) engraved by Paulin Tasset


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France (Compagnie La Prévoyance): 1869 silver jeton (insurance token) engraved by Paulin Tasset


Obverse: Nude, draped female figure standing left, right arm reaching towards ship at sea, left arm holding a snake-entwined mirror; she is surrounded by mercantile products, an anchor, and a cornucopia full of coins. Inscription in exergue: P. TASSET.
Reverse: COMPAGNIE / LA / PRÉVOYANCE / 22 MARS 1869; wreath of river reeds (cattails), caduceus at bottom.
Issuer: Assurances Compagnie La Prévoyance, France. Engraved by sculptor Ernest Paulin Tasset, who also designed coins for several countries outside France.
Specifications: Silver, 36 mm octagonal, 18.88 g, medal alignment. Incuse edge mark reads ARGENT ("silver").*
Grade: PCGS MS63; cert. #35075130. Purchased raw.
Reference: PCGS-599608Numista-190433, Gailhouste-690.
Provenance: ex-Numiscorner, Lille, France, via VCoins store, 25 January 2018.*
Notes: Medallic French jetons have been struck for many centuries, almost always to a high standard of artistry, but many from the 18th and 19th centuries bear particularly elaborate and lovely designs. Several 19th century types were struck on octagonal silver planchets like this.
Comments: As of this typing (August, 2020), this piece is one of only two examples certified by PCGS. The other is also graded MS63 like this one. I think mine is beautiful, but the other one could be described as especially stunning. Its owner must be duly proud. This type (Gailhouste-690) is certainly an exceptionally beautiful design.



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