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the good ole days!


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As far as inflation/ in 1971 A Canadian Silver Dollar = same buying power as (40) 2023 Loonies/ houses here that were 15K in 71 now sell for 1M+

Gold was $38US oz now over 2K

Same coin would sell in 2023 at least 100K or more....

Many FDC AV 10 Dukaten/ Scudi/ Zecchini today hammer over 100K

So, if you take inflation 40X 100 Pounds= 4000 UK Pounds today/ 2015 it hammered 54K Pounds= 540x increase.

In 1971 The RCM sold Iran Proof Set 1971 (4AV/5AR) for $261 Canadian/ today that set in GEM proof sell for 3K ( not a good buy) compared to classic 10 Scudi. Lesson modern coins are not a great investment.

All said 100 UK Pounds was a smashing deal in 71/ compared too 100K+ today.

But you are right to point out gold price in 71.

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