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L. Procilius denarius with Juno Sospita reverse


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A new acquisition

L. Procilius. Denarius, AR 3.48 g. Laureate head of Jupiter r.; behind, S•C. Rev. L•PROCILI / F Juno Sospita standing r., holding shield and hurling spear; at her feet, snake. Babelon Procilia 1. Sydenham 771. RBW 1406. Crawford 379/1.


Feel free to post your Juno or Jupiter

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Very nice! Here's my example. Which truly looks better in hand than in the photo. The dealer's photo was awful, and for whatever reason I've never been able to photograph it myself so it shows up well and doesn't look blurry.  

Roman Republic, L. Procilius L.f., AR Denarius, 80 BCE. Obv. Laureate head of Jupiter R., S C behind/ Rev. Juno Sospita advancing R., wearing Etruscan shoes turned up at the toe, holding figure-eight shield [prob. an allusion to the mythological Shield of the Salii priests, or ancilia] in left hand and hurling spear with right hand; snake before; behind, L. PROCILI/F downwards.  RSC I Procilia 1 (ill.), Crawford 379/1, Sydenham 771, Sear RCV I 306 (ill.), Harlan, RRM I Ch. 4 at pp. 19-22 [Michael Harlan, Roman Republican Moneyers and their Coins, 81 BCE-64 BCE (2012)], BMCRR Rome 3147. 19.5 mm., 3.6 g. (Purchased from Harlan J. Berk, Ltd., NYINC Jan. 2020.) [Footnote omitted.]


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Nice one, @expat - I like the big head on Juno - makes her look smart.  

I got one of these earlier this year:


Roman Republic Denarius - L. Procilius  (80 B.C.)   Rome Mint S·C, laureate head of Jupiter right / L· PROCILI | F, Juno Sospita advancing right, brandishing shield and hurling spear, serpent before. Procilia 1; Crawford 379/1. (3.82 grams / 19 x 17 mm) eBay May 2023

Die-Match Characterstics: Obv: Hair at nape curls into C. Rev: Large R; crooked F.

Die-Match Obv. & Rev.: Bertolami Fine Arts Auction 19; Lot 365; 11.11.2015

Die-Match Obverse: Bibliothèque nationale de France Identifier REP-17577 (CRRO example)


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Confession: the first time I saw one of these, I thought her shield looked like a peanut.  I haven't been able to "unsee" that image ever since. 😄

That's probably because I have an unhealthy addiction to Nutter Butter cookies.  For those of you in countries where there are no Nutter Butters, you don't know what you're missing!



On a somewhat more numismatic note- as I mentioned over on CoinTalk, this design reminds me of the double victoriatus coins of the Thessalian League (I no longer own one, so will rely upon someone else to post a comparison example).

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On 12/21/2023 at 12:57 AM, expat said:

holding shield and hurling spear

No, no, no! Holding cello and bow! Now you all can't unsee this. 


My example of the closest type (379/2) is extremely modest. Better said - ugly. Probably harshly cleaned, perhaps chemically AND mechanically, who knows. I bought it in a group lot and it was the last time I tried this as I think those were wasted money. I gladly accept worn coins and I have nothing against them, but this is a little too much, 


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