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Left-hand orientated Herakles at Tarentum stater


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An unusual stater with left-hand orientated Herakles was sold at last Rauch Auction 117 lot 275 for absolutely bargain price for such an interesting unique, unpublished piece.

I was very tempted to bid on it but after o lot of hesitations decided to follow my general rule to avoid any unpublished and unique in gold. I can not say anything regarding authenticity from photo and I am shure that even in hands too because for me it looks OK. But I have had a bad experience with a gold forgeries which can be identificated only throught databases with clones and only by experts with acces to such a data.

So, what do you think (or may be someone even knows) about this stater? 



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That coin still sold for 16K euros.  To me it looks OK too. Too bad we have no way of carbon dating coins. That would end the problem.  In future many coins will be unearthed with modern metal detecting equipment/ sites found with LIDAR.

Also how many "unpublished" coins now reside in private collections.????

Its not in new book by Hoover on Magna Graecia.


person that bid 16K+ fees thinks its real!


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1 hour ago, panzerman said:

Too bad we have no way of carbon dating coins. That would end the problem.


It's not so bad from the technical point of view with instrumental analyses. We have reliable method of dating of gold objects based on measurement of Helium concentration. Method usable for archaeological gold objects (of cource coins too) and determines a time dating back to last melting point of an object.

I know for shure from literature that such a device used by Hermitage. From rumors I have heard that the same device present in British Museum and Roma has access to analyses (only rumors...). Also from rumors I have heard that NAC has an access to such type analyses.

This is also a question for me to think about it. If coin genuine, you can easily sell it throught Roma, NAC, CNG and etc. and obtain a hummer 50-100 kEUR. Why are you sell a coin for 16 kEUR if it's for shure worth much more?

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Good to know!

Auctions are strange animals at times. Recently Teutonburger listed a "unique" AV Aureus struck 255-57AD (vz-st) grade/ Calico plate coin (naturally since only one known.) It failed to sell at 7200 euros. They offered it at that price (unsold list) so I bought it😁 Last time it appeared in 2004 Ars Classica auction. The Rauch coin was only sehr schone (VF) quality/ sold 16K. Of course no one can predict future/ maybe huge hoard of my Gallienus coin will be found this week/ ditto for Taras Stater. But odds are against that happening.....


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