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Tauler & Fau win


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Regnum Gothorum/ \Hispania

AV Tremissis ND

Chintila 636-39AD

Robed Frontal Bust/ Star to R


Robed Frontal Bust


Ispali (Sevilla Mint)

1.32g.     16mm.      .760      12h

Chaves 242   Cnv (this coin) 370.6 unlisted in Miles

ex: Aureo & Calico 29/10.2008 # 1072

ex: Goswintha Coll.   Cores Coll.    Lózere Coll.


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Wow, @panzerman, that's brilliant, not least for how early it is in the Visigothic series.  Even the fields are a sheer joy to behold.  The consistent clarity of the strike borders on the surreal.  That and the effectively total absence of wear put the flan (likely common enough for the milieu) somewhere behind the back burner.

(...Back to the early '70's, from catalogues from New York, I can remember much commoner examples of these, maybe as late as the 8th century, being listed cheap as dirt, for Anything 1) gold and 2)medieval.  In the Low 2-figure range; still well beyond my 11-year-old budget.  <--Me, not it!  ...The real price of a coin has to include your own means as an integral term of the dialectic.  CF. Kjerkegaard: 'Subjectivity is truth.')


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In the early 70s house that sell for 1M+ now were 16-20K/ You could buy a fully loaded Corvette convertible for 6K. The most inexpensive Visigothic coinages from common mints/ kings go for 1200E in MS. The rare mints/ kings go 5-10X more. But considering their rarity still cheap. The amazing fact about the Visigoth Kingdom in Spain/ they ONLY struck gold tremissis/ no silver/ copper change. I guess everyone carried tremissis in their purse/ pocket. Have no idea what happened when you bought a cheap item? Or was everyone paid in gold coins? Then of course in Parthia you had the opposite No gold coins.....



PS: World coinage/ ancient - present day is very underpriced compared to US coin trends (vastly overpriced vs rarity!

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Well, okay, the ones I remember weren't mint state!  That is really strange about there being only tremisses.  I wonder if, below the level of the elites, the economy had effectively gone back to being premonetary.

Coudn't agree with you more about American ...anything!  And with that many of them, you don't get a lot of historical bang for your buck.

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