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Two coin puzzles


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Lately, I've been purchasing what I call "coin puzzles" here and there. The idea is to pick up a coin at a very low price, then spend some effort attributing it. The idea is the effort spent in attribution should realize whatever I paid for the coin and if I happen to pick up something rare, all the better.

Recently, I picked up these two coins. I believe I have one attributed, but the other remains a mystery. I'm therefore reaching out for help to see if anyone else has a clue.

Here's the one I believe I know.


Thrace, Maroneia
398-348 BCE
Æ 15 mm, 3,28 g
Obv: Jumping horse
Rev: MAR-WNI-TWN around a vine in a square
SNG Cop 632


And here's the one that's got me stumped. Since my photo sucks because it's too dark, I've included the original seller's photo.




The coin is 12mm and 1.14g. 

The reverse looks to be some sort of monogram with a Π, but I haven't been able to find anything there. It appears that there's an E to the left of it.

On the obverse, I'm not sure what animal it is. My best guess is a goat, but it could be a horse, ram, or centaur. It appears to have been a relatively busy image, though most details are now smudged. Based on the designs, I'm guessing it's 1st century BCE Greek, but I really have no idea.

I'd appreciate the help if anyone has any clues/ideas.

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...a noble, worthwhile (and less expensive) cause  🙂   with all the collectors here (and over there) not too much will go unIDed...they figured out what this was when i thought i maybe i had a Poor Knights of Jesus coin...9_9...(i love it for what it is..^^)

Levon mamluke triblute overstruck tarvo.jpg

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So, my latest thinking is this may be some Roman provincial.

I no longer believe the reverse is a monogram. I think it's some temple or arch. The "notch" at the very top is roughly where a statue would be.

An id would be easier if I could guess what type of animal is on the obverse. Possible options seem to be: horse, ram, goat, centaur, and bull.

Admittedly, I picked this up on a major whim. The previous coin I felt could be identified (and I did) and so I won it at 10 Euros. When this one came up, I noticed no one bidding on it so I figured "why not?" It does appear to be an uncommon type.

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10 minutes ago, John Conduitt said:

Could they be the same coin? The top one is unusual in having the horse jump left, but there seems a bit of variety in these. There are even contemporary imitations with horses that look less like horses.

I've thought of this, but I haven't found an example from Maroneia where one part of the square is "missing". Also, the stance of the horse is completely different. On the mystery coin, there's also a lot more apparent lettering and the "sod" on which the horse(?) is standing is different.

FWIW, here's another Maroneia example of mine.


THRACE. Maroneia
Circa 398-346 BCE
Æ 16mm, 3.92 gm, 6h
Obv: Horse prancing right; below, monogram.
Rev: ΜΑΡ - ΩΝΙ - ΤΩΝ. Legend around grape arbor within linear square border; below, monogram.
Evelpidis 962-3; SNG Copenhagen 632; Schönert-Geiss, Maroneia 721-923; BMC__

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