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Coins picked up at coin show ID


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Went to a coin show and picked up a few ancients and 1 medieval coin.

1. I think its an AE from Ionia i need to clean the verdigris off because it is quite the stunner.  Any recommendations for cleaning it without destroying it?

2. 1st century AS most likely Augustus with Claudius countermark and another countermark I can't make out. 

3. Medieval coin no clue appears Scandinavian

4.  Byzantine Follis Romanos IV Diogenes overstruck?

Thank you for your help!










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14 minutes ago, JeandAcre said:

The medieval one Has to be 16th century.  Can't find a contemporary monarch whose Latin name ends in "OMINVS" to save my life.  Sorry.  ...You might look into selling it to @ominus1; he has a sense of humor!


..obviously my coin...it has my name on it! ^^

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The final coin does resemble a Byzantine Anonymous Follis, Type G, of Romanus IV Comnenus, 1143 to 1183  (Sear 1867). But Christ's head looks a little skewed and some of the devices look a little more smooshed together than other examples I've seen. So I'm not sure what's going on there, but it looks like at least a partial match. I'm not sure, but something doesn't seem quite right. So perhaps the theory of an overstrike holds? Or maybe just poorly struck?

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@ewomack, I was assuming that @Amarmur's take on the follis was right, until you emphasized the likelihood that it might just be a double strike.  Right, overstrikes are endemic to the denomination, but on the reverse, the parts that are a little, well, askew look to be reducible to elements of Christ's head and halo.  ...Thank you, for folles, double striking is hardly less common than overstriking.  The mint workers weren't, hmm, overly invested in the process.  I think you nailed it.

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