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Strange Magnentius - Diocletianus hybrid


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I found this coin below on Ebay.

The coin has a Magnetius avers and a Diocletianus avers. 

Measurements: 23mm, 8.64 gr.

Has anybody seen such a hybrid before? The weight is very high, unless it is a double maiorina. Could this be two coins struck together? Or have they really used a 50 year old avers die to strike a coin for Magnentius?



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I think these are fakes. I was intrigued by the apparent hybrid and bought it for 30 euros. I have since canceled the deal, before it was sent out to me and I never paid anything. So no harm done. What I find concerning is the Magnentius, which looks very convincing and the fake would be hard to spot if it had the regular reverse.


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