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Elagabalus. A museum's take.


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The BBC has a article headlined, "Museum reclassifies Roman emperor as trans woman"


All along history books have told us Elagabalus behaved that way, but older books did not use that term. 


Elababalus, 218-222.
Denarius. 19 mm. 2.84 grams.
"Priest(ess?) of the Sun-god Elagabalus" 

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Sorry. I missed it. I searched on "Elagabal" to see if the topic was already posted. Apparently a NF search on "Elababal" does not find "Elagabalus". I just checked again and that is so. Next time I search I will try a search both with and without the "us".  New readers of this thread should go to that other thread.

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