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A video for CARAUSIUS’ fans

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I was able to watch a bit of this before getting the tadpoles to bed. Very interesting. I like Carausius and the whole time period surrounding him. Such an interesting time in Roman history.

I submit my humble Carausius as thanks for your post:


AE antoninianus
London mint
Obverse: IMP CARAVSIVS PF AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right
Reverse: PAX AVG, Pax standing left, holding branch and vertical sceptre. L in left field
Mintmark ML


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Thanks - interesting video. I learnt quite a bit from it.

For anyone not too familiar with Carausius, there's a paper here that goes into a bit more depth on his Virglian RSR and INCPDA marks.


It's interesting that it was Carausius who brought back (~93%) silver coinage before Diocletian did, and that he seems to have originated this RSR "return of the saturnian reign (aka golden age)" which is then also assimilated by a Panegyric honoring the tetrarchs.


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