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a Nero Snack, a Corbulo arch Lugdunum Sestertius


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I decided to put my forgotten about 2021 state refund to use and I purchased a Nero Sestertius.  Nero Sestertii haven't been cheap for a long time; even a nice one with a tiny hole was $400+ in 2009.  This one was among one of the cheaper ones available on vcoins.

Lugdunum is my favorite Nero mint and while I have another arch Sestertius, this is my first left-facing portrait.

Many thanks for Jorn Klepper of NeroNumi for taking additional pictures of the coin after I explained my inability to take a decent coin picture at the present moment.  It's a difficult coin to photograph, having a very dark matte green patina.  I ended up using the orignal dealer's photo, which is closer to what the coin looks like in hand.

I was also glad not to come home to a Thursday PC freeze. My pc had been freezing certain Thursdays since March; very frustrating and I tried many things. One particular clue pointed toward RAM and I downloaded a new firmware version of my Corsair RAM and so far, so good.  Everything also seems to be running faster.

This particular DHL Express driver disregarded my delivery request (which isn't onerous) and dumped it at the door.  At least it wasn't raining.  First time that's happened.

My flip order also came in, and thanks to Mr. Klepper for also throwing in a few flips.




AE Sestertius.  Lugdunum mint.

33 mm 21,89 gr

RIC I 433 (R2)

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Great coin from one of my favorite VCoin dealers! That is a really nice one, and if I remember right, it was a good price. Congrats!

Mind if I add my ex-Jorn Klepper Nero sestertius? 😉


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Cool Sestertius.  I don't have any AE with the Janus Temple, at least none that I can recall.

My other Corbulo arch is a Perinthus? Sestertius, purchased in the 1990s.

The dark and matte patina makes mine somewhat unattractive but it wasn't a bad price. Nowadays truly decrepit ones go for that or more.

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Fantastic OP-coin, Nerosmyfavourite68 (that's a very good use of your refund-cash)

... oh, and that's also a wonderful coin, CPK (love the patina)


Hopefully I'm allowed to toss-in my cool ol' Nero example? (I always loved this sweet coin's patina)


Nero AE As

Date: 65 AD

Diameter: 28.4 mm

Weight: 11.3 gr

Obverse: NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P - Bare head of Nero, globe at point of bust

Reverse: S-C, Victory advancing left, holding shield inscribed S P Q R

References: RIC 477




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