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Blog on Egyptian amulets

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Hello everybody,

I just finished my blog on Egyptian amulets. Unfortunately a friend who was ready to put the blog on line got a cancer and I am totally unable to do that. It does contain 3 Powerpoints :

First one is a Collecting guide, which I am attaching.

Second one is a Generalities section on materials, colors, help for datation, etc. I am attaching the docx index, which refers to the slide numbers.

Third one is what I called 'The most complete amulets of Ancient Egypt' where I am describing more than 500 different types of amulets. I am attaching the index, a docx document, which also refers to the slide numbers. Overall there are about 2,000 amulets reproduced in colour, approximately scaled and classified for each type by Periods so that it is easy to see the evolution of styles throughout Dynastic times. 

I cannot attach the second and third Powerpoints as they are very heavy (respectively 128 Mo and 1.3 Go).  

In any case, for those who are interested, send me an email at didier.attaix@gmail.com so that I will send you WeTransfer links to download these Powerpoints.

All the best,



Collecting guide.pptx Index_Complete.docx Index_Generalities.docx

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i looked it quickly and it looks interesting, but I think the study oy of amulets is so complicated, it is better to present it by periods with, if possible, the characteristics. I know the problems an I know it is not easy, but try and I think we'ill have a lot of reactions and we cab so create a tool for better understanding this problem. I' ll contact you  by email but for the moment, i have some problems


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Hi Antwerpen2306,

Thank you for your message.

1. First I was quite surprized to get a single demand of downloads in this blog. I posted the very same advertisement on the ancientartefacts group (https://groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts and my slides were at least 30 times downloaded.

2. I perfectly know that the world of Egyptian amulets is not an easy one. Indeed, it took me 4 years part time (since I did retire) to complete the blog because I extensively browsed the most important websites worldwide (Le Louvre, the BM, the MET, the Brooklyn Museum, the Torino and Berlin ones, etc.) I repeatedly visited all these Museums, including the Cairo one, and much more.

3. I also know that Egyptian amulets varied extensively with Dynastic times. I also took care of that in my blog. I am enclosing an example with only god Bes. I am certainly not god, but f you can find better on line with colored pictures and references, please let me know.




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Many thanks, @Didier Attaix, for the links!  Wow, you are very evidently "deep in the weeds" with the subject!

So far, I've only bookmarked your OP.  But I sent you a 'message' from this platform regarding your post of the examples you have for sale.  Likelier than not, before very long, I could be writing you at the email address you provided here.


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