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1857 Seated Liberty Quarter with FEC " mule clashed " Reverse


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Reverse Clash with Flying Eagle Cent. The reverse of the quarter has parts of the Flying Eagle Cent design showing above and below the left (facing) wing, above the right wing and within the shield. Attribution is easiest on high-grade coins

This particular variety is highly sought after,  a mule clashed reverse with an FEC .  An R- 6 variety with abour <40 known to exist. I love seated coinage, so many different varieties...for a picker like myself. It takes a good eye, and propper lighting to catch the clash. However behinde the head and neck of the eagle you'll see some little spikes like clashes.  I posted a marked outline so you'll be able to see the clashed mapped out. I grade this vf 15/20 as the reverse is better condition. A < $60. Purchase now valued in the $450/475.usd range.  I cannot express the joy I had when after an hour studying its reverse in detail,and doing comparisons to positive ID the variety.

This is why I'm a picker..."not nose".... but coin variieties. One bitten by the pickin bug...you'll never look at a coin the same way...as you'll train your eye,and brain to see whats is exactly in front of you...and bingo! 

you'll be hooked..! 






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Well the saga of this mule finally came to an end. As the coin gods have smiled last month but the mail man hasn't.  Its a long story that is just unbelievable so it ends happy as finally ended with a few lost items now found..and in my collection now. 

But will share with you this... do not take no as an answer....do not believe what youre being told...as A PO employee did her very best to try and tell me that the tracking isn't correct! That they were fake or whatever scans.

Ah no as remember this... all mail is tracked as it put into the system as it travels in the system from A to Z if need be but remember dont buy anyone spoon feeding you a lie.

And be your own advocate if need be... and pull strings if need be I wrote my congressman to investigate and guess what.... it worked.  As today all the missing packages showed up.  

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