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Cunobelin quarter-stater


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Classic coin. The ear of barley probably refers to their grain exports and so wealth. It used to be believed it represented British beer to counter his rival, Verica of the Atrebates, who used a vine leaf and other symbols of his cosiness with Rome.

Verica Minim, AD10-40
Silchester or Chichester, Atrebates tribe. Silver, 7mm, 0.35g. Wine cup; REX above. Eagle right; VERICA COMMI F around (S 159).

But it seems Cunobelin wasn't averse to Roman luxuries or to using their symbols.

Cunobeline Unit, Celtic Trinovantes Tribe, 9-40
Camulodunon (Roman Camulodunum, modern Colchester). Bronze, 14mm, 2.19g. Janiform head; CVNO below. Sow seated right beneath a tree; CAMV on panel below (ABC 2981; S 346; V 2105 ‘Trinovantian W’).

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2 hours ago, lordmarcovan said:

I haven’t found a full Celtic stater that met both my taste and budget, but I’m rather fond of this little quarter-stater from a famous ruler.



LM, Nice score on your 1/4 stater ☺️! The coin is well struck & centered with attractive toning. The coin is struck on flan with an undersized diameter that is typical for this coin type. Pictured below is a Cunobelin stater I've posted a number of times. I was eating beans & rice for some time after paying for it 😏.


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