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Size from a photo


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I have mentioned before that it can be hard to tell the size of a coin from its photo alone. Many ancient designs come in various sizes and I find it interesting to get two (or more) coins of the same design but different sizes.

Most of you will recognize this very common type:


From the picture, how big would you expect it to be?

This type of Constantius II (Augustus 337-361) is one of the most common types of all, "Soldier spearing fallen horseman" with legend TEL TEMP REPARATIO. The type started out with the coin reform of c. 348 as an AE2 of c. 23-22 mm. I have one that is 25-23 mm. But, this one is later, from 355-361, when the coins had gotten smaller. Compared to the early pieces, this one is tiny. Maximum diameter, only  16.1 mm! 2.33 grams.

Can you show coins with the same design but different sizes where a photo alone might not tell you how large the coin actually is?

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