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Bought this coin from Wolfgang Rittig/ MA-shops


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Gorgeous! Congratulations. It's rather similar in design to the Reichsthaler from that period, except that it has a more elaborate "trophy" of cannon, etc. for the eagle to sit on. And it's a lot prettier!

Prussia, AR Reichsthaler 1790A, Berlin. Obv. Bust of Friedrich Wilhelm II right, FRIED. WILHELM KOENIG VON PREUSSEN / Rev. Crowned Prussian eagle, EIN REICHS THALER above, 17 A 90 beneath. 37.1 mm., 22.3 g.  KM 348.1, Davenport 2597.


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Thank you Donna! Your 1790-A Reichsthaler is stunning/ thanks for sharing.  I now have more time in the evening to devote to coins/ forums. Seems/ dealers are sometimes better way to obtain rare coins in high quality then auctions. The Morton & Eden "Greek coinage" auction I lost two coins were my "proxy bid" was 5X estimate. Hammer prices were astounding!


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