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Lysias (The Indo-Greek)


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I suppose I can justify joining here, now that the odds are good I won't be arbitrarily banned by some absurd power-tripping moderator. 

My coins, by and large, have no history to them; all you have is what's on the coin. Here we have Lysias, sporting a nice elephant pelt as a hat on the obverse, and Herakles crowning himself in the reverse. Theories abound using motifs from one coin or another to justify dynastic connections between the Indo-Greek kings; I will ignore all that, and state merely that he seems to have a connection to Antialkidas given the similarity of their coinage and a very rare supposed joint bronze issue citing both kings.


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Great coins thus far from a fast off place:


Lysias, BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Circa 130-125 BC. Æ (20x20mm, 8.82 g, 12h). Indian standard. Head of Herakles right, lion’s skin tied around neck, club over shoulder / Elephant advancing right; monograms in exergue. Bopearachchi 8A; SNG ANS 1040-7. VF, dark green patina. Ex: Timeline Auction


Menander I, BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. circa 165/55-130 BC. Drachm (Silver, 16 mm, 2.49 g, 12 h), Indian standard, uncertain mint in Paropamisadai or Gandhara. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ - MENANΔPOY Draped bust of Menander I to right, wearing crested helmet adorned with pelt and wing. Rev. 'Maharajasa tratarasa Menamdrasa' (in Kharoshti) Athena advancing left, holding shield on left arm and brandishing thunderbolt with her right; to right, monogram. Bopearachchi 16l. HGC 12, 193. Light doubling on the obverse and with a minor flan crack, otherwise, very fine

Purchased from Leu Feb 2022

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