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Off the beaten path: Well, my wife just found a dinosaur bone\Theseus spine


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As I was explaining the intricacies of drinking Scotch to my three (6 and under) sons, my main squeeze comes in from beautifying the yard to show me the MASSIVE (the size of your head!) dinosaur...I mean ancient hero, possibly Theseus or Perseus, I believe it's a vertebra, that she just found:


I'm looking online for the different types of dinosaurs that we had around in Colorado and it appears that we had all kinds!

I put it on my coin weighing scale and it weighed too much☺️



Any ideas as to what she just found or other prehistoric collectors dinosaur bone or the like appreciated!


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Interesting!  I think you might have a "faker" on hand; there are lots of rocks that look kind of like fossils but aren't (and sometimes these fool even very experienced collectors).  Your piece looks a fair bit like a vertebra in shape but... not quite.  But of course I could be wrong.  I have been collecting fossils on-and-off since I was a teenager (back in the 1980s) and have some knowledge of fossils, but I would not call myself an expert.  I'd recommend going over to The Fossil Forum (www.thefossilforum.com) and asking there; they've helped me with some of my pieces, and they are very knowledgeable (there are some professional paleontologists who post regularly).  Signing up (to ask a question) is free.  Just note that, while they are happy to explain exactly what you have, discussion of monetary value is specifically not allowed there.

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