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Left-facing Venus on a denarius of C. Considius Paetus

Roman Collector

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This one's on the ho-hum side. C. Considius Paetus, a Republican moneyer known only from his coins. The reverse is the Victory in quadriga type ūü•Ī. The obverse is nice, though, with a diademed and laureate head of Venus facing left. Caius Considius Paetus issued more than one denarius type and I'm sure that some of you have at least one of them. Let's see 'em! Post your Paetus denarii!¬†

C. Considius Paetus, 46 BCE.
Roman AR denarius, 3.33 g, 17.7 mm, 11 h.
Rome, 46 BCE.
Obv: Laureate and diademed head of Venus, left; PAETI behind.
Rev: Victory in quadriga left, holding palm-branch and reins in left hand and wreath in right hand; in exergue, C·CONSIDI.
Refs: Crawford RRC 465/4; Sydenham CRR 993; CRI 78a; RSC Considia 7; Sear RCV 456.
Notes: Double die match to BMC 1964,1203.223.

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Nice one, RC.  I really like these late Republican issues.  

Ah, the memories.  This is about the first ancient I ever got, back in 1988 - C. Considius Paetus with a curule chair.  The seller was a dealer named Bill McDaniels who issued a fixed price list, no photos, a couple times a year.  His prices were very low and I was always happy with the coin (including this one):


Roman Republic¬†Denarius¬†C. Considius Paetus¬†(46 B.C.)¬†Rome Mint¬†Laureate head of Apollo right¬†/ Curule chair with wreath,¬†C‚ÄĘCONSIDIUS above, PAETI¬†in exergue.¬†Crawford 465/1b; Considia 3;¬†Sydenham 990a.¬†(4.01 grams / 16 mm)¬†McDaniels¬† May 1988

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I'm with you, my dude. These reverse types kept me away from RRs, for the most part,  for the first couple years of my collecting... but then you start to notice some really cool things happening with their coinage as the society starts to unravel, so does the coinage. 

And I LOVE that Venus portrait! She's a fox! Schwing!

Here's a portrait of the goddess of love from Crassus' son:


P. Licinius Crassus M.f., Rome, 55 BC. AR Denarius (20,4mm, 3.51g). Diademed and draped bust of Venus r. R/ Soldier standing l., holding spear and leading horse by bridle; cuirass and shield below. Crawford 430/1. Purchased from Aphrodite July 2023

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