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Bought this one for the mythology Zeus and a Centaur Bronze from Thessaly


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Thessaly, Magnesia 196-146 BC, Bronze AE19
7.12g, 19mm
Laureate head of Zeus right
Centaur right, holding a branch. 
BCD Thessaly II 419 -> ???


I have been reading about Zeus and Centaurs lately and of course, learned far more than I knew. Greek mythology is pretty amazing to me and that is why I like the coins although my Roman coins make up the bulk of my ancient collection.


I add this little EDIT to mention, I am not sure about the attribution of this coin.

I think it could be Rogers 338 or Rogers 339 ???

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attribution questioned
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Nice pickup! Here's an earlier one from Magnesia.


Ionia. Magnesia ad Maeander
circa 350-200 BCE
Æ 15 mm, 2,20 g


And here's my only coin with a centaur...


Kings of Bithynia. Prusias II
AE Unit 20.5mm 6.41g 12h
c. 180-150 BCE
Laffaille430 var. - Cop.- - Aulock6886 var. - RG.26 - BMC.- - HGCS. 7/629
0avers : Buste imberbe, juvénile et drapé de Dionysos (Bacchus) à droite, couronné de feuilles de vigne.
0revers : Le Centaure Chiron à droite, la tête de face, jouant de la lyre, sa tunique flottant derrière.

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Excellent purchase! I love the stories of the centaurs as well. 


Gallienus 253-268 CE. AE antoninianus (20 mm, 2.98 g, 1 h). Gallienus Zoo series. Rome mint, A.D. 267/8. GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head of Gallienus right / APOLLINI CONS AVG, centaur walking left, raising left front hoof and holding globe and rudder // H. RIC 164; RSC 98. 



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