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The looming federal government shutdown and possible impact on shipping/Customs processing


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Barring an eleventh hour agreement, it is all but inevitable that funding for the new fiscal year is going to be delayed, for how long it is uncertain.

One impact of the shutdown will be with air transpiration, since FAA funding is one of the agencies whose FY 24 appropriation will be held up.   The air traffic controllers, currently short staffed will likely experience further reductions during the shutdown.  I am not sure whether some will continue working without pay, but air traffic control will continue but at a reduced level.  As a result, flights will be delayed or cancelled, which will impact travelers and domestic and international shipments.

I am not sure if the shutdown will have a major impact on US Customs, but I think there might be some slowing down in the clearance process there.  

Bottom line, I think, is to look forward to longer periods for shipments to arrive at your door, especially if the shutdown runs for several weeks.

I do hope an agreement is reached before 12:01 AM Sunday, but the assessments that I've seen and read are not optimistic in any way.

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