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Tacitus - my first and I love it


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It arrived this morning and I can´t stop looking at it. The great thing about his coins is that most are in good condition.

TACITUS Antoninianus. Ticinum mint.
Obverse: IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: PAX AVGVSTI. Pax standing left, holding olive branch and transverse sceptre; P in exergue.
RIC 150, Cohen 72.  Ticinum mint, early-June 276.  3,5 g - 22,5 mm

Marcus Claudius Tacitus was Roman emperor from 275 to 276. During his short reign, following the death of Aurelian, he campaigned against the Goths and the Heruli, for which he received the title Gothicus Maximus
Born: 200 AD, Terni, Italy
Died: June 276 AD Tyana, Cappodocia, Turkey.
Siblings Florianus
Reign: c. December 275 – c. June 276.
His Regnal name is shortened in the obverse Legend: IMPerator Caesar Marcus CLavdius TACITVS AVGustus.

Feel free to post yours



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5 hours ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

Nice silvering on your new acquisition. Here’s one of mine, and his « twin » Florianus, probably the same engraver, don’t you think so ?




The engraving is very similar, as are the "twin" portraits

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Nice coin! I fell in love with a neck beard too. Here’s my newest Tacitus that I posted in another thread but deserves more love.

Tacitus, AE antoninianus, Lyons. IMP CL TACITVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MARS VICTOR, Mars walking right, holding spear and trophy. B-A across fields. RIC V (1) 30; Bastien 79.

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One of the reasons why I like Tacitus, is the wide range of portraits. I think the different mints never received a reliable picture or bust to work from and even the same mints produced very different interpretations of his appearance. These two coins are from Rome:




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Victory over the Goths!

Tacitus, 275-276 CE.
Roman billon antoninianus; 3.57 gm, 21.1 mm, 11 h.
Ticinum, 276 CE, issue 2.
Obv: IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: VICTORIA GOTTHI, Victoria standing left, holding wreath and palm; P in exergue.
Refs: RIC 172; Cohen 157; RCV 11821; Hunter 59; CBN 1676; La Venera hoard 1554-8; MER/RIC temp #3400.

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