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Lorber new Ptolemy book just out, 3 vol Ptolemy V through Cleopatra VII


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I had the following email so thought I should pass it along as Lorber is mentioned here  not infrequently. Large  discount  if you  join or are a member of  the ANS.


New from ANS Publications

Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire, Part 2: Ptolemy V through Cleopatra VII (3-vol. set)

by Catharine C. Lorber

Volume 1: Historical Introduction

Volume 2: Precious-Metal Catalogue and Plates

Volume 3: Bronze Catalogue and Plates


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Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire, Part II, by Catharine Lorber, is the long-anticipated second half of the Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire (CPE) project featuring the coins struck by Ptolemy V–Cleopatra VII. As with Part I, Lorber essentially rewrites the sections on these rulers in J. N. Svoronos’ classic, but now much out-of-date, Ta Nomismata tou Kratous ton Ptolemaion (1904). The body of coinage catalogued by Svoronos is enlarged by hundreds of additional emissions in precious metal and bronze, recorded from subsequent scholarship, from hoards, from commercial sources, and from private collections. Lorber’s attributions, dates, and interpretations rest on numismatic research conducted after Svoronos, or on the latest archaeological and hoard information. She also provides extensive historical and numismatic introductions that give the coins deeper context and meaning.

For any questions about ordering or for recommending these volumes to your library’s acquisition department, please contact publications@numismatics.org

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Apparently there's also a  podcast talk by her  on somewhat on the same, on thier podcast, the Planchet.


This episode's guest is numismatist and author Cathy Lorber, whose monumental new work, Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire, Part II, Ptolemy V through Cleopatra VII is now available to order. Lorber holds a BA in Classical Greek from UCLA. She spent nearly 40 years as a cataloguer in commercial numismatics, from the early 1970s until her retirement in 2009. In this episode, we talk about how she became a cataloguer, her introduction to the Ptolemies, and the balancing act of conducting a colossal research project situated at the confluence of analogue and digital tools and methods.

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