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Who ran/runs the list of Boehringer/Tudeer Syracuse coins please, and is it updatable?


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It's  online, main  version is a pdf from Wildwinds, and  I did  of course ask there, but the site owner wasn't sure but said it was 15 years old.

It's a great but incomplete resource for  tets ands I'd like to both thank whoever made it and  find out if it can be added to. Lots of  tets on auction sites are  either un- or mislabeled by number and it's really helpful to check against. The 1913  Tudeer article with tables  is online with fairly clear images but I'm struggling for the rest.

(For those who may care but don't  know it it lists with description and photos a large number of the first 728 coins  in the Boehringer series, and most of the 100 plus  Tudeer coins.)

Many thanks.

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11 hours ago, dougsmit said:

I was wrong.  I was looking for the chariot obverse use with the reverse of 703.  Those little screened images are not all that great by today's standards.  Thanks.

This is a coin that sold a few  years ago as a 703(not my coin).  



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