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Do these Greek bronzes look fake?


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Some recent research only has made me a bit concerned about these coins I purchased from a VCoins seller. I'll withhold my reasons for being suspicious because I'd first appreciate hearing the opinions of those more knowledgeable than I on fakes.

Do these three coins look genuine?



Islands off Attica, Salamis
c.339-318 BCE
Æ 17mm 2,45g
shield of Ajax, Nymphe Salamis
SNG Munich 465



Circa 400-350 BCE
AE 15mm, 2,4g
Head of Tanit to left, wearing wreath of grain ears.
Rev. Horse standing right; palm tree in background.
MAA 18. SNG Copenhagen 109



Crete, Gortyna
Circa 250-221 BCE
Æ 17mm 4.1g
Europa seated right in tree, lifting her drapery; to left, eagle standing left, head right; border of rays /
Europa seated right, lifting her drapery, on bull running left; all within wreath.
Jackson pl. 12, 2; Svoronos, Numismatique 109; Joy 466; SNG Copenhagen 447; BMC 45


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