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Renaissance micro-crystalline wax


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I use it for historical military items as does my local museum. It protects against humidity and gives a barrier from oxygen which of course stimulates oxidisation,

I should use it more on coins and will consider this. A little goes a long way but in my experience, I warm up the items on a radiator first, which minimises excesses. The British Museum uses this stuff so that's good enough for me. I wouldn't lose any sleep using this. I have a couple of coins being treated for Bronze Disease and the minute I am happy that I have achieved the best I can, I will be applying this wax. It concerns me greatly that some of our coins have survived for 2000 years , we dig them up, expose them to atmosphere and then start more deterioration that the preceding 2000 years. I am no chemist, I am an engineer and would love to be reassured that this is not the case but sometimes I wonder if collectible coins were disintegrated because of bronze disease 200 years ago because no-one considered the issue intelligently?


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