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Helena of Constantinople AE3 - my recent addition


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Flavia Julia Helena 246/248 to 330 AD


Recently I have bought some coins from Ken Dorney and am listing them in the next couple days. Ken done me right and I have dealt with him in the past. He let me use the pictures too. Thanks Ken, you're one of the good ones!

Helena of Constantinople and Saint Helena, was an Augusta of the Roman Empire and mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. She came from a humble background, perhaps a stable-maid or inn-keeper.

She caught the eye of Emperor Constantius I because they were both wearing identical bracelets. 
Constantius I interpreted this as a sign from God. They may have met in Asia Minor. He divorced Helena and married Theodora, daughter of Maximian to strengthen his political position,

Helena traveled to Jerusalem where tradition claims she found Christ's true cross and built the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher.
It is considered to be the holiest site for Christians in the world, as it has been the most important pilgrimage site for Christianity since the 4th century.

It contains two sites considered holy in Christianity: the site where Jesus was crucified, at a place known as Calvary or Golgotha, and Jesus's empty tomb, which is where he was buried and resurrected. 
She is venerated as a saint and considered the patron of archaeologists, converts, difficult marriages, divorced people, empresses, Saint Helena Island, and new discoveries.


Listing Desc: 
Helena Posthumous Issue 337 - 341 AD
AE Follis 17mm 1.77 gram
Obverse: FL IVL HELENAE AVG Diademed and draped bust of Helena right wearing necklace.
Reverse: PAX PVBLICA. Pax standing left holding branch and scetper CONSE in exergue.
RIC 34

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